I’m a shy promoter of Radical Ceremony. It’s frustrating, of course, because it is work that I am incredibly passionate about. To really put it out there– I have long convinced myself that networking is not “in me.” Maybe it’s lack of practice or maybe it’s fatigue from too much practice in spaces that weren’t exactly my zone.

I’m really excited to be kicking off 2016 by bringing Radical Ceremony to A Monique Affair’s wedding showcase in Oakland on Saturday, January 23 at Studio Grand. This showcase really stands apart from traditional wedding shows in that it features lots of local vendors in an intimate and vibrant community space– very much my zone. An extra bonus is visiting the Farmer’s Market at Grand Lake before the show!

Get your tickets here! 


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  1. You are radiant! What a gorgeous booth – such a testament to the rich and thoughtful vision and service you bring to the world.

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