Weddings & Commitment Ceremonies

I specialize in working with clients who hail from interfaith and intercultural backgrounds, and/or who may have complex family and cultural components to consider in their story.

I am very different from a standard officiant in that I do not use a “stock” template to create your ceremony. After meeting with you and learning more about your vision, I send each of you a detailed survey which invites you to tell the story of your love, and to share your collective preferences for elements you want to see in a ceremony.

It is my job to take all of your ideas and craft them in to a draft ceremony. I share the draft with you, and we go through a few more iterations to get it just right.

I work with your DJ or musicians, venue representatives and friends and family to supply queue sheets and readings, if needed. And then, of course, I officiate, sign and file the marriage license. I also send you a keepsake copy of the final ceremony for your memories of the day.

Typical ceremony length is 20-25 minutes, and I spend a minimum of 30 hours from start to finish, to ensure your complete peace of mind!

If you have already selected a family member or friend to officiate your ceremony, I also ghostwrite ceremonies and provide personalized coaching services.