My Approach

A celebrant is a type of ceremony officiant who is specially trained in the art of storytelling and the craft of ceremony writing and execution. Since becoming certified as a Life-Cycle Celebrant, I have been performing ceremonies for folks who have been seeking to have their love stories accurately translated.

My Values

  • Start with the Ceremony, Everything Else will Flow

    Amongst all your planning, make sure you spend energy and time on the telling of your own love story…the very reason for your special day! Once you start creating your ceremony, trust that all other details will manifest and you will end up with a more cohesive, inspired event that is the best reflection of you.

  • Empathy & Pragmatism

    Humans are messy, and our relationships are a reflection of our growth, curiosity, failures, and triumphs. Difficult and sensitive family and cultural issues exist universally– there is no need to be embarrassed. Let us elevate the a-ha! moments that have come out of your struggle. You have a lot more treasures than you know.

  • Cultural Appreciation, Not Appropriation

    I will always strive to obtain a deep understanding of why you wish to include a particular ceremonial element, and offer suggestions on appropriate options.


Sweetness and Light Photography

Jordan Murphy, Fresh Photography

Jordan Murphy, Fresh Photography

  • Nuance

    It is natural to feel compelled to incorporate every hobby, romantic moment, special song, family heirloom and memento in to your ceremony to make sure it’s “all in there.” I will help you to edit, so that you preserve the pieces that are most important, while also imagining elegant and creative ways to tell your story throughout the ceremony.

  • Accessibility

    Let us make sure that your guests understand your love story as well as you do. Let them be transformed by your ceremony, not confused by it.

  • Humor

    Because a good belly laugh feels super.